Why you should install Android Messages on Verizon smartphones

Posted September 14, 2018 03:20:21 I was looking at the Verizon Galaxy S8 smartphone and noticed that it had a message for me that I was invited to Verizon’s Unified Communications (UCC) team event in NYC.

After I got home and checked my Verizon messages, I realized that it was Verizon. 

I called the number and the rep said, “That’s not my number.”

So I called back and said, “Oh, sorry, I’ve never had that experience.”

They were trying to reach out to me about an event, which I did not attend, but the rep then said, “‘We’re sorry you’re not at Verizon, but if you have an invitation, we would like to talk to you.” 

So I told them I had never had this experience and they tried to reach me about it.

They said that they’re sorry I was not at the event. 

“I can’t get an invitation.

They are not accepting calls.

And they’re not accepting messages.”

I said, I know I’m not being rude, but I’m really having a hard time finding a phone number.

They told me they were trying so hard to get in touch with me, but they had no idea who I was, or how to contact me.

And the reps continued to try to contact people who might be able to help. 

And then I read this article in the NYT. 

This article said Verizon was trying to contact a bunch of people.

The first person I called was my wife.

She called, and they said they have someone who would be willing to help her.

They wanted me to try out a new phone, so I gave them my credit card number and my phone number and they called me back. 

They said they can’t help with anything because they can only accept calls from people who have a phone and an account with Verizon.

I said I have an account at Verizon.

And my wife was like, “I can use your phone.

It’s a brand new Verizon phone, I don’t have a Verizon account.”

So that was the last time I talked to them. 

So you can tell from the article that they are trying to figure out who I am, who I’m connected to, and who I should be contacting.

I was also concerned about the lack of support and how the company is handling this.

I asked if they were calling people who are friends and family.

They weren’t.

So I thought maybe they were just trying to get me to sign up for an account or maybe they’re trying to set up a phone call with me.

I never talked to any of them.

But I had to find a way to reach Verizon and figure out how to get a Verizon phone number from Verizon, and that was frustrating.

So I had a lot of questions and a lot to answer.

I called the numbers and the first person on the line told me that he didn’t have my number.

He said, ‘I just want to make sure that you are not in trouble with the company because they will not be able help you.’

And he hung up.

I then called a couple of other numbers, but he never called them back.

I then called my wife, and she called back, and he hung on the phone and hung up on her. 

She then called her friends, and the phone number was on their phone.

She hung up and hung on another number and hung back on my phone.

So the phone calls are still going on.

Then I called Verizon and talked to an IT guy and a tech support guy.

I told Verizon, “What are you doing with this number?

I just got a Verizon call.

You can’t be getting any calls from this number.”

And they said, [the tech support] is a Verizon guy.

And I said okay, I understand, you have a number.

And he said, okay, we’ll give you a number that will allow you to get the number.

I’m sorry, you’re a Verizon number.

So that’s when I went back to Verizon.

This is a huge, huge problem, and it’s something that I would never expect, but you have to do something about it, and you have no choice but to call Verizon and talk to them about it and see if they can help you.

What I did was call Verizon’s Customer Care number and tell them that I wanted to speak to a Verizon employee.

I got this response: “Verizon Customer Care has reached out to you about the Verizon message on your phone.” 

“Well, that’s not really what it is.

That’s just a Verizon rep trying to help you.”

I told them, I have no idea how to call them.

They say that they don’t answer phones.

So, I called their customer care number and spoke with a rep.

She said, they are