Why Democrats will keep fighting to keep Trump on the campaign trail

On Friday, President Donald Trump will begin the first of his two-day “First Inaugural” event in Washington, D.C., which is expected to draw a crowd of more than 10 million.

In the wake of the election, Trump and Democrats have made their opposition to his candidacy a central focus of their campaigns.

Trump’s Democratic opponent, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has been making the case for weeks that Trump should not be allowed to enter the Oval Office.

Warren said Friday she will work to keep the president from stepping into the Oval office.

“The next president needs to be someone who will fight for Americans, who will make America great again, and who will build a world where we all live together in a peaceful and secure world,” she said in a statement.

Republicans and Democrats are also battling over whether the president should take office on Jan. 20, two weeks after Trump leaves office.

The Democratic-controlled House and Senate have both been holding votes on whether to adjourn the Capitol and take the president’s inauguration to the streets.