Which radio stations will be available to listen to?

The BBC has released new listings for radio stations it plans to offer in its new digital home.

Radio stations will now be available for download on the BBC iPlayer and in the BBC Sport app, which was introduced in November.

Radio station and channel listings in the iPlayer can be found here Radio stations can be streamed to the BBC App for iPhones and iPads, Android and Windows phones, as well as the BBC Radio app for the BBC News app. 

“We are working with the manufacturers to ensure the best possible audio and video experience for the thousands of listeners and fans in the UK,” said Steve McQueen, the BBC’s director of digital entertainment.

“We will continue to work closely with radio stations to provide an enjoyable listening experience, as we always have.”

Radio stations in the app can also be used to listen on the Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but are not currently available in the new digital subscription services.

Some channels, including Radio 1 and Radio 2, will be limited to one listen per device.

Radio 1 will be only available to a maximum of six devices and Radio2 will only be available on a maximum one device per subscriber.

A full list of the new Radio 1-branded radio stations can been found here Radio 1, Radio 2 and Radio 3 will also be available in a new radio station catalogue, which will be launched on November 15.

Radio 3 is also set to be launched as a full-fledged digital radio service.

The BBC has also introduced new content in the digital subscription service, including a new Radio 4 series.

In addition to the new streaming options, the broadcaster has added a new digital edition of Radio 5 Live, a popular live talk show on Radio 4.

Radio 5Live has been available since January 2017.

Other new streaming services available to download from the BBC app are the BBC One, Radio 1, Sky News and Sky News HD.

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