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When it comes to the next big thing in social media, the next Twitter, Facebook and Instagram…

Posted October 08, 2018 05:27:11What’s next for social media?

We spoke to people who’ve been there, done that and are now ready to tackle the next frontier in the social network arena.

We spoke to:Daniel Gresham is a former editor-in-chief of TechCrunch, a social network for techies.

He now manages content at the startup WeWork, a company that creates a new way for workers to work from home.

He says he was excited about social media when it first came out.

“I was really excited that I was a part of the conversation,” Gresley says.

“I was on Twitter and I thought, Wow, I’m in a company with people that are all like me, and I was really enjoying the fact that they weren’t afraid to use my name.”

But his enthusiasm was short-lived.

Gresham quit TechCrunch after just a couple of months.

After working in social content for a couple years, he started an app called WeWork to make his life easier.

“It was something that was going to make my life much easier, but it turned out to be the opposite,” he says.

Gossel says that when he left, he wasn’t sure what to do next.

He was just working for a startup.

But when he started thinking about how to do the work he loves best, he decided that was his calling.

Gissel says the work that he does now is so fulfilling that he can’t wait to start a new career.

“At the same time, I really want to build something really exciting,” he explains.

“And I think that the next phase of my career is to be a media person.”

He’s been working in the tech industry for almost four years, starting with Facebook and building up to WeWork.

He’s now a senior product manager at the company and is on track to get his PhD in computer science.

“There’s no other company where I can be working on things that are so fulfilling,” he tells us.

Gesham has spent the last year and a half building out WeWork’s social media tools, and he’s looking forward to building out a more comprehensive suite of social apps that can take care of everything from finding people to organizing events to sending messages.

“As an app, it’s really easy to use,” he points out.

“You just have to have the apps that you need.”

He says that he’s working with Facebook to figure out what kinds of things to include in the new apps and to build a new suite of features that could expand the functionality.

But he doesn’t expect that the company will just give people more tools to share with their friends.

“We’ll be bringing things that Facebook doesn’t already have, like news feeds, to people,” he adds.

“That will really allow people to really connect.”

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