When is the next broadcast TV news event? | Spectrum Communications

Spectrum Communications says its latest quarterly results show it will have more TV news events planned than it did the same period last year.

The company posted its results for the first quarter of 2019 on Thursday, which include the announcement of its “Big News” program, which will air live on a variety of major networks.

“The year ahead will have a greater focus on news events and events that impact consumers and the economy,” the company said in its release.

“In addition, the network is actively investing in the news and programming that drives the next wave of growth.”

The company said it expects to have about 10,000 new news events each quarter.

“We are continuing to invest in new initiatives to deliver news to the consumer,” it said.

Spectrum also said its outlook for Q2 2019 is more optimistic than it was for the previous quarter.

The broadcaster said it will increase its investment in the advertising business and expand its coverage of the Internet.

“With the advent of our digital products, Spectrum will continue to expand its reach to advertisers and consumers by delivering premium news, programming and entertainment across platforms,” it added.

The “Big TV” program will air on a combination of networks including CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC and TSN.

Spectrum said its audience will grow by an average of 1.6 per cent annually.