When a woman with HIV refuses to go to the doctor

An HIV-positive woman is refusing to go in a Philadelphia clinic to receive treatment, prompting an angry response from an emergency room doctor.

Key points:Woman refuses to use clinic to get treatment after being diagnosed with HIVAfter her doctor warned her to go, she refused to goThe woman has refused to be tested for the virus and the doctor’s office has been locked downAn emergency room physician at Temple University Medical Center in Philadelphia is angry after he was told to go into the emergency room to get a test for the deadly coronavirus after he refused to use the clinic.

He was told by a pharmacist that the clinic was locked down and that he would have to go there.

The woman, who has been identified as Jane Doe, refused to allow the pharmacist to leave the clinic, so a physician went in to help her.

She said she has no idea what was going on, and that she has been told not to disclose any more details about her condition until she gets a test result.

She says she has never been tested for HIV, but said she does not know her symptoms, and she is unsure whether she will need to take any other steps.

The pharmacist said the woman is likely having complications with her HIV and needs to be taken to the emergency department.

The patient is in stable condition and has been tested, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health said in a statement.

We are working closely with the hospital and emergency medical services to ensure that everyone is safe, the statement said.

The emergency department was closed Saturday, according to hospital spokesman Chris Stedman.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health did not immediately respond to a request for comment.