What you need to know about the new year

The first person to sign up to the new Year of the Monkey is usually the one to take over.

But what if there was another way?

What if it’s the way that we communicate, writes Emily Maitland, Senior Staff Writer at EW.

We’ve seen the rise of a new generation of writers who can create a new way to make your writing and reading experience a little more unique.

And if you’ve been looking for ways to use the new digital tools in your writing, now is the time to get started.

To kick off this year’s Year of The Monkey, EW has compiled a guide to help you start creating new ways to communicate.

This is your opportunity to take a look at the new ways you can communicate and how they can help you get better at it.

Here are the four key tools we’ll be focusing on this year:VoiceOver, a new tool designed for people with disabilities.

The VoiceOver app allows you to create, record, edit, and share a voice over story.

VoiceOver is also available to deaf or hard-of-hearing people with the new Audible app.

The new Audacity audio editing software.

Audacity is a new recording and editing tool that lets you create and edit music and audio without needing a computer.

You can use Audacity for a wide range of projects and for any type of creative work.

We’ll be using Audacity on the next season of The Bachelor, but you can download the free Audacity Pro to make use of it for all of your music projects.

We’re excited to see how you can use VoiceOver and Audacity in your projects.

Get started with VoiceOver by signing up here.

If you’re using a Mac, you can start by downloading the free version of Audacity.

Then, you’ll be able to create and use a voice for your projects in Audacity by right-clicking on a project and selecting “create new voice.”

If you have a mobile device, you will be able download Audacity to your device and start using it right away.

Once you’ve started using it, you should be able use it on your Mac and on iOS and Android devices.

You may also want to take advantage of our new online community and start chatting with other audio editors.

To start, sign up for our Audacity community and chat with other editors here.

The tools you’ll need to make the leap into the futureWhen we were first launching our new Year Of The Monkey podcast, we had an ambitious goal of getting our first show to 100 episodes.

We knew we had to get this off the ground before we could truly compete with the likes of Podomatic and Tidal, so we set our sights on the new tools that would become a part of this new era.

The Audacity Audio Editing Tools.

The new Audacious audio editing tools are a great way to learn how to edit audio.

Each tool comes with a sample, and each tool has a set of pre-built scripts and tutorials to help make it easy to get up and running with audio.

If there is one thing that everyone who has worked in audio editing agrees on, it’s that it is a skill that requires practice.

And so we created Audacity’s Audio Editing Resources so that you can practice your skills and get the most out of your editing tools before you dive in.

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