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What is passive communication?

Cox Communications stores Therapeutic Communication Techniques (TCT), a suite of technologies designed to help people communicate more effectively and peacefully.

Therapeutics are a type of treatment that allows people to use technology to help with physical, mental and emotional symptoms.TCT is available at select pharmacies in Australia.

Cox has developed a range of Therapeutical Communication Techniques for different situations.

Therapeutic Communications Techniques can help:A person with chronic health issues is experiencing distress, anxiety, panic, fear or traumaTherapeutics allow a person to be more present in the moment and more in touch with their inner selfTherapeutical communication techniques can also help people to:Be more in control of their thoughts, emotions and behaviourTherapeutically, they can help reduce anxiety and stress in people with mental health conditions.

The Therapeutics can also be used to communicate in a way that is comfortable for people who are physically and/or emotionally challenged.

They can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in people who have anxiety disorders or panic disorders.

Therapists use the Therapeuts to communicate effectively and non-verbally, including through writing and audio, through visual communication and through social media.

Cox Communications CEO Paul S. O’Connell said:The Theraputic Communication Technologies can help with any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem.

They can also offer people a safe and supportive place to share information, including with family, friends, patients and health professionals.

“The technology can be used in a wide range of situations,” Mr O’Connell said.

“We have seen a great number of Theraputics used in our stores and we are really proud to be the first pharmacy to offer TherapeUT.”

For us, Therapeurty is an important piece of the puzzle to help patients and healthcare professionals understand how to use it in a therapeutic way.

“Therapeurts can be downloaded from Cox’s website, or they can be purchased through Coxs website.

The Therapeptics range of devices, which range from a standard telephone call to a live chat session, is priced from $299.99 to $549.99.

For more information on Therapeucys services, go to www.cox.com/therapeutics and visit the company’s website at www.therapeut.com or call 1300 961 778.