Trump: ‘I’ll let them handle the questions’

President Donald Trump said Sunday that he’d allow Congress to decide the “questions” about the use of “illegal weapons” against Americans.

“I’m going to let them deal with the questions, okay?

I’m not going to go into it.

And we’re going to get it resolved,” Trump told CBS News’ John Dickerson in a wide-ranging interview on “Face the Nation.”

The President continued: “I will tell you, I’ll let the Congress handle the question of illegal weapons, okay?”

He added, “I would let Congress handle it, because I don’t want to put the blame on the Congress.”

Dickerson asked if he would allow lawmakers to “sit down and talk about it.”

“Well, I will let them do that,” Trump responded.

“I mean, we’ll let Congress do it.”

Trump has repeatedly said that Congress would be allowed to address the issue of whether to use the “legal” or “illegal” means to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

“The military is saying that it can’t get out of Iraq.

They’re saying that we’re not getting out of Syria,” he said during a press conference last year.

“They’re saying we’re getting out.

We have a problem with ISIS.

They want to get rid of ISIS.

We’re not letting them get out.

So we have to deal with that.

We are going to deal on that.

I will tell them I will do that.”

In the interview with Dickerson, Trump also said that he does not believe that Congress should be able to force the United States to fight the ISIS threat.

“We have to have the Congress that can pass a resolution, OK?” he said.

“The Congress is not going have a role in it.

I mean, that’s a big thing.

They have no power, absolutely, to do that.

So, I do not think they should have that power.”

He added that he is open to Congress taking up the issue in future sessions of Congress.

“But, I would rather have it happen in Congress, and I do, because, frankly, I like that structure,” Trump said.

“And I do think that you have to talk to them about it.

You know, they’ve been very good about that,” he added.”

You know, I know we have a very big problem, but I would prefer it happen.”