‘The truth is out there’: A former CBC journalist speaks out on her new book, ‘Truth Is Out There’ (with Anne Mearns)

“There was a lot of pressure to produce a book that would satisfy the demands of the industry, the pressure to get on the airwaves and get ratings,” said CBC news reporter Anne Mears.

“And I think that pressure was pretty intense.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a book like this.

It’s almost impossible to describe how much effort and creativity went into it.”

Mears, a former CBC radio reporter, has written a book titled “Truth Is In: The Untold Story of the CBC” about her experience covering the CBC for 14 years.

She has been critical of the media and CBC, which she says was more interested in commercial opportunities than the public interest.

“I think that the industry was desperate for a new book,” Mears said.

“They didn’t want to have to defend their reputation.

They wanted to win awards, so they were very willing to spend money on this book.

It wasn’t that they were greedy. “

I think there was a real desire on the part of the newsroom to make a profit.

It wasn’t that they were greedy.

It was that they just didn’t think they were going to be able to compete with the broadcasters.”‘

A complete disaster’In her book, Mears writes about the CBC’s decision to sell off the CBC radio network to Canadian Media Network.

Her book also details the way she was treated as a reporter for the CBC.

In the book, she describes the first time she went to work for the network.

“There was this one person in the news office, and I was on assignment and the news desk was full, and it was so crowded, there was no room for me to sit down.

There was no place for me, I was just standing there.

And the next day, I woke up, I went in the office, I had no idea what had happened,” Mear said.”

And I remember I was so nervous and so terrified, because I was sure I was going to lose my job, I didn’t know what to do.

And I’m sure my boss said to me, ‘Well, you’ve been out here for 14 days, you’re still a reporter.

You can’t say anything, you’ll get fired.'”‘

The CBC is a corporate-controlled institution’Mears said the pressure of the corporate world in her book was very intense.

“It was a complete disaster,” she said.

The pressure to have a book published was so great, she said, that she was told she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

“They said, ‘Look, if you don’t tell us anything, it’s going to hurt your chances of getting on the radio,’ so I signed it,” she recalled.

“The pressure was so intense, I would say I was living in a bunker.”

Mear also says she felt pressured to write about sexual harassment and assault by the CBC staff and to provide her personal information to help the corporation’s internal investigation into the issue.

She says she was pressured to give her personal details to the broadcaster.

“All I was doing was doing my job.

And if you wanted to know anything about what went on in the CBC, then you would have to ask my boss.

I would have told you,” Mampsaid.

Mears also wrote about being fired from the CBC Newsroom in 2008, after writing about a sexual assault on live television.

She also said she was forced to resign from the National Press Club.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Mear revealed some of the reasons for her decision to write her book.

She wrote about how she was fired after writing an article about a police investigation of a CBC newsroom staffer who was alleged to have committed a sex crime.

Mear says she wrote the article to make sure that the CBC had its act together.

“At the time, the CBC was doing so well and it had just come off the recession and we were getting ratings and so on and so forth, I felt like I was working on a story and that I needed to get that out to the public, to the media, to get my name out there,” Maresaid.

“That’s when I felt a sense of desperation.

And also, that I felt that I had to go public, and that the truth was out there.

I was in a position where I felt I had the opportunity to speak out, and the pressure had just built up.”CBC Newsroom has declined comment on the book.