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The most interesting thing about your Twitter profile

The Jerusalem post: A Palestinian man in the Israeli town of Beitunia, Israel, has been posting a clipart illustration of the Palestinian flag on his Twitter account.

The man posted the image to his profile on Sunday evening.

He has since received more than 1,000 reactions, and he has received more retweeted comments than the image itself.

In his profile, the man wrote that he was “inspired” to draw the flag because it represents the “true essence of Palestine.”

“We have lost many brothers and sisters,” the man writes in his profile.

“We are a people that are proud of our history, we are proud to be the only nation that fought against fascism and terrorism.

We are a nation that has always strived to be a peaceful, democratic and democratic state.”

The man’s account has received several thousand retweets and comments.

“The image represents us.

It is a symbol of our unity,” the person wrote in his Twitter profile.

The person’s account is also home to another Palestinian who has drawn the same image on his profile: a young Palestinian man who was born in 1948 and is now in his 30s.

“It is a way to remind people of the sacrifices we made to become a nation,” he wrote in a comment to the profile.

In addition to the Palestinian man, who has since been deleted from the account, the account also includes several others who draw and discuss the flag.

The Twitter account has attracted a lot of attention, as it was posted before the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, and the current Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has said he is considering banning it.

Many Palestinians, including some of those who draw the flags, have criticised the account’s comments and have asked the Palestinian Authority to take the picture down.

But the account has gained traction in recent days, and many Palestinians have retweeted and shared the account.

On Monday, Abbas also asked Twitter to take down the account of the person who had created the image.

The Palestinian man’s Twitter profile includes a video that has gained attention, with him saying he was inspired by Palestinian solidarity with Israel.

The video shows him wearing a mask and standing in front of a group of Palestinians holding flags with the words “Israel” and “Palestine” written on them.

“If we want to be united, we must all work together, to show solidarity with Palestine,” the video says.

“In Israel, we were not allowed to make this gesture of solidarity,” the young man says.

In a follow-up comment to a follower, the person asked, “Can you imagine if you have an American friend who wears the same mask and says he wants to take a selfie with me and all my friends and the Palestinian flags in front him?”

The young man responded that he had taken the picture, and added that he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.