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Rogers Communications says ‘great plains’ data will be ‘a key component of the next phase of our digital transformation’

A Rogers Communications spokesperson told ABC News the company’s mobile network will also be part of a “digital transformation” of its network in Australia.

“Our mobile networks will continue to operate as they have for many years,” the spokesperson said.

“However, this new phase of the digital transformation will enable us to take a broader look at how we can improve our customer experience and services in the future.”

The spokesperson added that Rogers will have “the ability to offer more value for money”.

It was not clear if Rogers had an option for data services in Australia under the “data bundle” policy, which was introduced in February 2018.

“Rogers does not have an option to offer data services outside of Australia,” the Rogers spokesperson said, adding that the company is looking at options for its “digital services in Europe and Asia”.

It is not clear how much data Rogers will be offering in Australia, or how much of a data bundle the new data would include.

In June, the company told the Senate that it was “committed to providing services to all Australians and has no plans to change our pricing structure”.