IGN: What you need to know about Nintendo Switch integration

IGN has been following the news surrounding the Nintendo Switch since last week, when it was revealed that it will support video game purchases from third-party retailers.

Now, the IGN Super Smash Bros. community is getting an official announcement regarding the Switch integration.

On its website, Nintendo states that the new “Switch Game Store” will include “a full Nintendo Shop” for third-parties and “an exclusive Nintendo Switch version of the official Super Smash Brothers video game,” according to IGN.

The store will also feature “Super Smash Bros merchandise,” a “Super Mario Odyssey” shirt and a “Tooniverse” section, which IGN believes is meant to be an unofficial section for the popular Nintendo-themed website.

According to IGN, the Nintendo Store will be open for 10 a.m.

EST on January 10, 2020, which is five days before the game’s official launch in Japan on January 24.

The Nintendo Store also says that Nintendo Switch users will be able to play games from all major Nintendo Switch platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Super Smash Boy Store will also be open on January 5, 2020 for “all major Nintendo platforms.”

The store will offer “all Nintendo Switch games and accessories.”

The Nintendo Switch “Game Shop” will also have a “special edition of the game that includes a unique game cartridge,” IGN reports.

“A Super Smash Bro shirt will be available in a limited quantity at the Nintendo Game Shop, and a ‘Super Smash’ themed ‘Toonology’ section will be opened on the Nintendo Shop.”

IGN has reached out to Nintendo for more information on the Super Smash Boys store.