How to use the internet for a long term connection, but with the same benefits

Google’s new internet plans have you hooked for years.

With an internet connection you’ll be able to: • Read news, read blogs, watch videos and play games.

• Connect to social media sites and apps.

• Download apps and games.

You can use the Google Voice Messenger app on your phone or tablet to send and receive texts, photos and other data over the internet.

But you can also set up a separate voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) connection.

That way, when you call your local supermarket, you can use your Google Voice to ask for a cup of coffee.

Google has launched a new VoIP service that allows you to call your favourite TV show and book your flight online, without having to get up at 4am to call a local cafe.

You can even set up an online chat room to chat with your friends.

Google’s website says the new voice-interception service will allow you to: “interact in a way that’s different to traditional telephone and web services.”

Google says the voice-internet connection allows you: • To send and take calls without opening up your mobile phone or using a mobile internet connection.

• To use Google Voice over an open-air connection.

Google said it has spent more than $6 billion on its VoIP services, but the company’s main business remains internet access.

Its new services are expected to be rolled out across its internet services portfolio by the end of the year.