How to manage the digital divide in Asia

A global communication challenge to global organisations is to use the internet to inform and influence each other.

But, as in other sectors, the challenge is also to harness the power of a broad network of stakeholders, in order to get results.

This is what the new generation of digital technologies has taught us, and the challenge to digital governance has been discussed in great detail in this special edition of the Global Communication Newsletter.

This year’s edition of this special issue, The Future of Global Communication, focuses on how digital technology and its impact are being used to shape the future of global communication.

In a digital world, what is the role of media, and how does that impact governance?

And what are the implications for the digital governance of the Internet?

These questions are answered in this paper.

This special edition has been written by the Global Communications Editor, Dr Mark Cockerham.

The Global Communication newsletter is produced by Next Big Futures, a global consultancy focusing on the future direction of communication and innovation.

It is published every other week.

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