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Frontier Communications is launching a new digital payment option for customers with existing plans

Frontier Communications announced a new payment option Thursday that allows customers to switch from paying for their internet and phone service with their existing phone plan to making a digital payment instead.

Customers with existing lines or who pay for service using the same phone plan will be able to make a digital transaction.

The Frontier Communications payment option lets customers pay their monthly bills with a credit card, debit card, or credit or debit card that’s accepted at participating retailers.

A Frontier spokesperson said customers who do not already have an online payment option can continue to pay with their phone plan.

The company said that if customers opt to make their payment using the Frontier payment option, they’ll be able “to choose payment methods of their choice.”

Customers can also choose to pay using a debit card.

Customer feedback has been mixed.

Frontier said the new payment method was designed to “provide customers with a more flexible payment option to help them make payments at the right time and with the right options.”

The Frontier payment method is the latest in a series of payments that have been made to consumers with existing phone and internet service plans, but which have not yet been adopted by the major wireless carriers.

Several big mobile carriers have announced plans for a “mobile payment revolution” by 2020 that could see consumers pay with an increasingly ubiquitous and convenient way of paying.

In the past, many of the largest carriers have made payments through an app, and the payments have been fairly easy to use.

“As consumers move toward mobile payment, we want to offer customers a way to make online payments at any time, anytime, anywhere, and at any price,” Frontier Communications Chief Financial Officer Tom Dolan said in a statement.

In February, the Federal Communications Commission voted to regulate the payments industry, which has been plagued by high fees, lack of transparency, and poor customer service.

As the wireless industry matures, consumers may have less choice.

The FCC last year adopted rules that required carriers to offer a digital card, a debit debit card or credit card.

But many consumer advocates said that the rules didn’t go far enough to prevent companies from charging fees that they said were high enough to make traditional payments impractical.

If the FCC follows through on the proposal, the new payments option could help consumers avoid costly, confusing and time-consuming transactions with existing wireless carriers, said Brian Bloch, a senior vice president at advocacy group Consumer Watchdog.

“If the companies are going to be able and willing to make that kind of money, they should be able,” he said.

Dolan, in an interview, said the company wants to be ready to offer the Frontier card as an option in 2020.

“This is a new option for consumers who want to make payments,” he told Bloomberg.

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About Frontier Communications:The Frontier Communications company is a telecommunications company that provides wireless, wireless-capable mobile and fixed-line broadband services to consumers and businesses in the United States and Canada, and provides broadband connectivity to consumers in more than 80 countries.

The company has more than 3.5 million wireless customers and nearly 1.3 million mobile customers.

For more information on Frontier Communications, visit www.frontiercommunications.com.

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